creative product design and development

creative product design and development

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We are three Bangalore based designers/engineers/tinkerers/manufacturing experts. We love dreaming up, designing, conceptualising and making physical things. If you want to take your ideas and turn them into real living, breathing, ticking, moving devices, get in touch. We’d love to help!

We work with client companies in India and around the world to develop ideas into concepts, concepts into prototypes, and prototypes into production ready products. We may be located in Bangalore, India’s digital hub, but we focus on projects that include physical stuff you can hold.

Our experience spans diverse offerings including medical devices, life sciences instrumentation, industrial equipment, consumer electronics, kitchen appliances and gadgets, furniture, farming tools, and fashion. We work in many media including machined metals and plastics, sheet metal, 3D printing, injection molded plastics, wood, and textiles.


As part of our commitment to respecting client confidentiality, much of our work cannot be displayed online, but we’re happy to discuss our capabilities if you’re interested in having p.s.y.c.h work on your project. Check out a selection of our publicly shareable work below.


Team - Avantika Square

avantika agarwal : industrial designer


Avantika Agarwal grew up in India surrounded by local craft and manufacturing heritage, before heading to California to earn her BA in Product Design through Stanford’s Mechanical Engineering department. Alongside her design education, Avantika immersed herself in the Silicon Valley business environment through Stanford’s Mayfield Fellowship where she worked with top venture capital investors and tech entrepreneurs. After that, she moved to London for a Masters in Product Design at the Royal College of Art, where she experimented with industrial processes and new materials to create a portfolio of products ranging from functional kitchen devices to colorful charred furniture pieces. During her time at the RCA and Stanford, she worked closely with companies like Bosch and Fortnum & Mason on product research and development. Her work has been exhibited in Brussels, Amsterdam, and at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

josh rajasingh : mechanical engineer


Josh Rajasingh earned his Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Cincinnati in 2010. In New Jersey and California, Josh worked as a Project Lead with Johnson & Johnson on multiple projects, including medical device development and testing. In Bangalore, Josh worked as a Product Development Engineer at the India headquarters of Nordson Corporation, developing industrial equipment for large multinational companies. Throughout his career, Josh was not only involved with the conceptualization, development, and prototyping of new products, but also with their product-release, production, and post-sales servicing. He has hands-on design for manufacturability (DFM) experience with products ranging from surgical catheters to automated packaging machines. This practical knowledge of American (ANSI) and Indian (ISO) design standards, production processes, and constraints enables Josh to bring innovative ideas to physical realities.

Team - Aron square

aron zingman : mechanical engineer


Aron Zingman earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 2007. Aron has experience in new product development and the design of medical devices. He has worked for Motorola, Johnson & Johnson, and for diverse clients from small startups to large multi-national corporations as a mechanical engineer/consultant for Continuum. Aron is experienced with designing medical devices, laser optics in life sciences instrumentation, and integrating mechanical packaging of consumer electronics. He has seventeen issued US patents, including three sole inventor patents, related to surgical instruments from his work at Johnson & Johnson. Aron has instructed in project based engineering design courses at MIT and Harvard and has designed, marketed, and produced a limited edition run of solar powered boom boxes as part of a successful Kickstarter campaign.


Whether you want to hire us or just say hi, we look forward to hearing from you!

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